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Tax Audits and Investigations

If you have been contacted by the ATO or State Revenue Authority, you should get legal advice to ensure that your rights and assets are protected.  We will work quickly to identify the issues that are the focus of the ATO and then negotiate the scope with the ATO.  We truly appreciate the importance of moving through the audit with the least fiscal interruption possible.   

In our experience, the first contact from the ATO (whether in person, by letter or by phone call) is the best time to get us involved as we can take control of the process and deal with the ATO on your behalf.  We interact with the ATO daily and know what needs to be communicated and when. In our experience, setting the tone and direction of the audit from the outset will afford you the greatest level of protection.   

Our services include:

  • Management: negotiating the scope of the audit at any stage

  • Voluntary disclosures: making domestic and offshore voluntary disclosures to the ATO

  • Representation in investigations by Commonwealth or State government bodies, including ATO, AFP, ASIC and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and involving AUSTRAC    

  • Audits and investigations by the Office of State Revenue in each of the Australian States/Territories

  • Compliance and risk reviews, and “pre-audit” requests from the ATO 

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