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We advise on:

  • Payroll tax – grouping provisions and application of the employment agency provisions 

  • Land tax

  • GST

  • CGT

  • Income Tax 

  • Australian residency for tax purposes 

  • Sale of business

  • Trust structures and distributions 

  • International tax

  • Research and Development grants 

We provide practical and clear advice to taxpayers and their professional advisors as to the taxation consequences of a situation, structure or transaction. In the current climate of an aggressive and well-resourced ATO it is crucial you receive advice from an experienced tax lawyer who can offer you a solution and advice that is protected by Legal Professional Privilege. 

Our experience from interacting with the ATO on a daily basis and relationships with key ATO officers allows us to bring a unique offering to you and your professional advisor, whether it be another lawyer, accountant or financial advisor.  We will work with you and your professional team to achieve certainty and resolution.  

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